Full Throttle was started in 2017 with a view to bring high performance cars from wide selection of categories together for a show that everyone can enjoy.


Full Throttle focus is on high performance cars that you wouldn’t typically see on a run to your local shops.  But just because we lean towards that segment, doesn’t mean there is any limitations on who can apply to be part of the show. 

We love to see cars that are interesting and unique, it’s an ethos we apply to all sectors of the car world from supercars to stanced cars!  Full Throttle is an inclusive show and we work hard to ensure we deliver good variety for everyone.  What we like to see in our applicants is something a little special, something that makes their car different, what that something is, we leave up to you.

On top of our individual entries to the show, we also accept clubs/groups.  The applications are not limited by type, power or variant, but we are looking for clubs/groups that are unique and interesting.

Applications are open for the 2019 show.  Simply choose Individual, Club/Group or Trade.


Although Full Throttle is a static car show, we typically have entertainment on site. The concept is to make the event family friendly and so, having entertainment for families is critical to us. The entertainment we have varies year to year and you can check our Facebook page to see what we have coming to each event, typically we have bouncy castles, racing simulators and soft play areas where possible.


It can be a long day if you don’t refuel and we are working with some of the best local companies we can find to bring everyone the most varied selection of foods.  From pulled pork to pizza, candy floss to ice cream, we have something for everyone.  **Vegetarian options are catered for by many of our main catering companies.


Each year that we hold an event, we select a charity to support. The reasoning behind the chosen charity will vary and we try to choose a charity who’s work means the most to us, sometimes that can be because someone we work with has been personally affected by their work and other times it’s a simply a case of doing our bit because we can. This is what makes Full Throttle that little bit different.


No one wants to leave our furry friends at home, especially during summer, but, it’s important that we state that it’s at the discrepancy of the location we are working with whether dogs are allowed or not.  We will make sure that we inform everyone via Facebook and this site if dogs are.


We hope that the event will start to run more regularly each year and that it will continue to grow in both size and popularity, we also want to ensure we raise much money for the chosen charity that we can.  Our attendees make the shows what they are and without them it wouldn’t even be possible so thanks to all of them for participating.

We welcome all suggestions from our attendees so if there are suggestions that you have on the way the show can be improved, please contact us.